6 Tips To Improve The ROI Of Your Website

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The conversion rate of a website is 2.35% on average. But the top 10% of companies have a rate 3 to 5 times higher than this figure. How does this impact their ROI?

Your website is the foundation of your online presence and one of the first contact channels with your prospects. It is fully in line with your marketing strategy and plays a major role in the lead acquisition.

How to achieve the results of the largest companies by improving the Return On Investment of your website? Discover 6 good practices to adopt now!

1. Evaluate your current conversion funnel to improve your ROI

Before improving your ROI, make sure you understand in detail the user journey on your website. The goal is to assess where visitors hesitate or leave your pages. You’ll also see the top-performing touchpoints.

The purpose of this audit is to understand and optimize your sales funnels. What are the steps taken by visitors? How do you drive them to a conversion? Where do you lose them? By knowing the answers, you know where to focus your efforts to increase ROI.

Use Google Analytics to track your conversion rates, as well as tools to view your visitors’ screens.

2. Add video to your key landing pages to boost your ROI

Video on a landing page helps increase your conversion rate by 86%. It helps visitors absorb information faster than text. Its purpose is to support your argument to elicit action.

To do this, your video must be kept short (between 30 and 60 seconds) and contain its key message from the start of the content. Take care to choose an irresistible sticker and avoid self-reading which may annoy some visitors.

3. Write comparison articles

A review is a content that identifies significant differences between two or more products/brands. To create it, you must:

  • Choose competitive products or services.
  • Provide information about each product or service.
  • Include facts and graphics to accompany the text.
  • Describe the unique characteristics of each product or service.

Comparison articles are popular with mid-funnel consumers. They want to buy a product or a service, but they can’t decide which offer to choose. The idea is therefore to help them make the choice that best meets their needs.

You can compare your own products and services, but also competing offers. In the latter case, always be factual and avoid disparaging your competition. Above all, note the points where you are better.

4. Focus on personalization

Thanks to Cookies, you can customize the experience to be unique. Returning customers, for example, can receive an individual greeting or notification after logging in. The idea is to offer them targeted recommendations in order to increase your sales.

You can also personalize the proposals during navigation. A visitor who has viewed a specific product may be presented with similar or complementary articles. The goal is to show them that you have everything they need to meet their needs.

Thus, he does not need to visit several e-commerce or sites to find what he is looking for. Which increases his chances of conversion!

5. Exchanging ads with another site impacts greatly your ROI

If your regular visitors are not earning you enough income, it’s time to look for potential customers elsewhere.

To get started, find a similar site in your niche. It is important that it is complementary to your offer, but not a competitor. The products or services offered must be part of your industry without posing a threat.


If you teach your targets how to grow houseplants, you can trade ads with a site that sells nurseries.

Ask these sites and blogs to place banners referring to your pages. You can do this for a process exchange or against remuneration. In both cases, this will allow you to attract qualified traffic to your website.

And who says qualified traffic says a better ROI!

6. Turn your best content into a white paper

Depending on your business, prospects will need to visit your website several times before giving in to the purchase. Especially if your offers are complex or expensive.

The conversion takes place over the medium or long term. So how do you stay in their minds? Find a set of blog posts that cover a similar theme and compile them all into one White Book. Offer your visitors to download it in exchange for their email address. You can then create targeted campaigns to support these prospects in their purchase, stay in their minds and convert them into customers!

Launching a high-performance website that generates traffic requires investment, but also regular analysis. Test these best practices and assess the impact to continuously improve the ROI of your website!

Think about your ROI

You don’t have to do everything yourself! For example, entrust the writing of white papers and comparative articles to freelance writers, the production of videos to graphic designers, etc.

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