FAQ 5 Essential Tips For Success!

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FAQ page, is it important?

FAQ page, is it important? This is a question that deserves its place on a FAQ page.

In this article, you will learn 5 tips that make the FAQ page beneficial for your website and satisfying for your clients.

Why create an FAQ page on your site?

Let’s start with the beginning :

Frequently Asked Questions is a section of your website where you respond to requests, concerns, or objections that your customers frequently bring to you.

Whether it’s information about your products, your services, or your business, this is where visitors need to go to get answers to almost all of their questions.

It should not be confused with the “About” page, which is more intended to present your company and tell its story.

But what are the advantages of such a page for a website? Here is a non-exhaustive list :

  • Raise some concerns that your potential customers might have;
  • Relieve your customer support by providing answers to the most frequent questions;
  • Earn the trust of your prospects by showing that you know their issues and concerns.
  • Improve your SEO, moreover in the age of voice search which favors content in the form of question and answer.

How to make a successful FAQ page?

Now let’s take a look at how to write a useful and relevant FAQ that will bring traffic to your site and increase your conversions.

1. Find the right questions for your FAQ

For an FAQ to be really used for your visitors, it must still answer the right questions.

The first place to inspect is probably your mailbox: the one where you receive daily requests, suggestions, or complaints from your prospects and customers.

Of course, all the other media for interactions with your customers can also provide you with valuable information.

You will quickly be able to identify the most frequently discussed subjects and deal with them in your FAQ.

In addition, you must be able to anticipate certain obstacles and objections that your prospects would not express by themselves. It shows at the same time your knowledge of their needs.

In order to provide as complete a FAQ as possible, always listen and ask your customers for feedback as much as possible.

2. Give the correct answers in your FAQ

How to answer well in your FAQ? Here are some ideas:

Respond honestly but in a positive way!

For example, to the question “How much does our service cost?” ”, Don’t just retort “ 50 € per month ”.

Instead, explain why this price is worth paying: “For 50 $ per month, you not only get access to all of our service, but you also get free 24-hour support, and so on. “

3. Integrate a link or call-to-action

An FAQ necessarily covers a wide variety of topics, and you can’t cover them all at length at the risk of making your page very indigestible.

This is why it is very interesting to use it to direct your readers to more in-depth content, like blog posts.

It’s also a great time to encourage your visitor to take the buying process further, now that you’ve reassured them with your frequently asked questions.

Shopify’s FAQ page, for example, features a free trial offer twice.

4. Include testimonials

In your FAQ, you will state a number of things about your business and your offering. But the most suspicious of customers might not be entirely convinced …

So, why not let your customers back up your words. including testimonials in your FAQ gives you credibility and further increases its impact.

The Anglepoise site went so far as to include a question called “Do you have customer testimonials?” » in their FAQ page.

5. Sort by categories your FAQ

If your FAQ page contains many questions, it may be useful to sort them by categories to help your visitors navigate.

The Final Word

Your FAQ page should not be taken lightly: it deserves to receive a significant investment from you.

In return, it will reassure your site visitors and increase your conversion rate, while relieving your customer service.

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