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40 Urgent Lessons to Make Money Blogging Now -Part 1/4-

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Do you notice how almost all the biggest businesses focus an important part of their work and resources to make money blogging? No matter what their primary business is, whether it’s selling products, services, subscriptions, etc. you will often find a menu on their site leading to a blogs page where they discuss topics relating to their line of work.

These sites are aware of the critical importance and opportunities that blogs enable and lead to your business. Imagine for example someone looking to buy a gift for his new fiancé. Now he does an internet research looking for ideas and inspiration, and he comes across this title “The 50 most romantic gift ideas for your fiancé in 2021”. Wouldn’t you agree that he will most likely click on the site and will probably buy one or more of the presented gifts?

If that website is yours, and the blog post is incredibly SEO optimized, it includes links redirecting to products on your shop or e-commerce business… Imagine the thousands of leads you can generate from a single post like this. Make a quick calculation right now if only 100 people actually buy one of your products from this blog, how much money would that generate for your business?

Without even mentioning the incredible amount of money ads placed on your blogs you can profit from, having a blogs page is now a fundamental lead-generating element in your website to make money blogging. If done correctly, it will become a +100.000$ business with time.

After interviewing and analyzing a large number of successful businesses in a wide variety of domains, we have constructed a guide that provides the 40 most urgent lessons you need to learn before anything else to start making money blogging and become a leader in your niche.

#1 – Make Money Blogging by Understanding Your Audience :

Understanding your audience implicates analyzing deeply the numbers and knowing about your audience their :

  • Needs
  • Motivations
  • Goals
  • Pain points.
  • Challenges
  • Behaviors

Your audience involves your existing customers, past customers, your client’s customers, prospective groups. You need to understand the internal stakeholders as well and their goals, but that is a different body of information. Understanding that is a necessity before you embark on your audience research.

Answer these questions in researching and understanding your audience :

  • Why are you doing the research of your audience?
  • What do you want to find out?
  • Who needs to be involved?
  • When do you need this to happen?
  • Where will the information come from?
  • How will you do it?

Always remember: “Your audience is not everybody!”. Making content for everybody is as bad as making content for nobody. If you are in this situation, then select the most important segments. “Everybody” includes groups, and you can segment those. You can make segments by Professionals or Particulars, Location, Past/Present/Potential clients. Be careful not to push it too far, so you have an enormous number of groups that it becomes extremely difficult to target them all. You can keep it simple.

that it becomes extremely difficult to target them all. You can keep it simple.

#2 – Unoriginal Can Be Useful :

Imagine a professional marketer teaching and selling a course. Is everything he says original? Should he cancel his course because somebody else talked about the things he wanted to teach before? Or does he have to delete his course just because there is a similar course or book from another expert?

Being useful doesn’t always require being original. If you can dissect the information and express it in a way your targeted audience can easily understand and benefit from, then your article is successful and useful!

Remember, if a niche is competitive that means it’s profitable. If you can enter a niche that offers huge payouts, it will be worth your while!

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#3 – Make Money Blogging with an Optimal Publishing Frequency :

#3a Publishing One Blog Post a Day

Pros :
  1. Daily posting is a good frequency if your niche is news-focused and a fast-changing one. Monthly or weekly posts aren’t going to be successful and trending in this environment.
  2. It’s effective if you have an engaged and loyal audience that visits your site daily. If you have new content every day, this will encourage your visitors to make your site part of their routine.
  3. Daily posting benefits hugely from Search Engine Optimization. It’s true that one highly ranked post can bring more profit than low ranked ones, but it’s also true that more content encourages more traffic!
  4. Social Media boost blogs with a lot of new content. If your social platform brings you a large number of your traffic, you’ll want to post every day? This means that your audience will have a lot of content to share online anytime.
Cons : 
  1. You can get exhausted, lose your motivation, and give up if producing content becomes a dreadful daily task.
  2. Your production style may not be suitable for fast writing, which can make your blog drop down hugely in quality! People will notice that and will abandon your site.
  3. It will make it difficult to find your older content. Even if it’s a cornerstone blog on your site, not a lot of people will look past the first page to find it. You can lose relevancy.
Tips to help you post daily :
  1. Learn to write fast. If you notice that it takes you a lot of time to write a blog post, it will be impossible to keep a daily schedule. If it takes you several hours to write a blog post, you won’t be able to keep up with a daily schedule. Build a content calendar, plan the Call To Actions and use templates to save time and make money blogging.
  2. Take inspiration from the successful blogs in your niche that have a daily publishing frequency. Learn what makes them popular and follow their example.
  3. Use varied types of publications: Image slides, Videos, Listicles, and other types… Some types of blogs are easier and faster to create depending on your skills.

#3b Posting several times a week/month:

Why are many successful bloggers switching from daily content to a smaller frequency?

  • We see a heavy load of content every day that it’s difficult to keep up as a reader. Research showed that the number 1 reason people unsubscribe from a blog is that they share publications too much.
  • Your readers will love and become loyal to your content as long as you are bringing value and saying something useful, no matter your blogging frequency. If you post once or twice a week, even monthly, it will help give more depth to your writing and your topic.

P.S: Remember that studies showed that longer posts get more shares on social media.

Tips for posting less frequently:
  1. Write longer posts, ideally more than 1800 words.
  2. Make your content relevant and evergreen so that it stays relevant years in the future.
  3. Focus some time for keyword research. Make your posts SEO-friendly and promote your site in order to get as much traffic as possible, even with less content.

P.S: Don’t forget that spending time promoting your content is as important as focusing time on producing content. Working on your vision and strategy (the long-term goals), and contribute to the community.

#4 – Implement The « ABC » Philosophy :

ABC stands for “Always Be Contributing.”

How can you successfully do that?

Every marketing expert recommends collaborating with competitors, influencers, other companies, clients… Make the most out of your environment! You will be surprised by the opportunities you can get from the other businesses, even if your site is still new and small.

Start by mention in your content the right people and names you know to drive heavy sources of traffic and contact them. You will help them improve their results. You can interview or survey them. This will help you make connections in your niche and market, automatically improving the range of possible projects, exchanges, and win-win partnerships.

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#5 – Focus On Personal Development :

Make Money Blogging Bx

Personal development is a vast field in which different practices come together, all of which have one thing in common: they are intended to help us progress in the search for both personal and professional well-being.

1st tip: believe in yourself

Start by loving and appreciating yourself

So, if you make a mistake or fail, stop being hard on yourself with a flood of blame. If you have no compassion for yourself and are always ready to blame yourself, it’s no wonder you fear the eyes of others.

Don’t be afraid of failures

They are still a source of lessons. No matter what comments you have from those around you, you have already done something great: you dared to take action. It is not given to everyone and most of those who are successful in life have suffered setbacks. They didn’t hit the mark every time, but at the end of the day, every loss brought them closer to their goal.

2nd tip: avoid burnout by managing stress

Start with the missions that are at the same time urgent, unavoidable, and easily achievable. This will allow you to quickly cross them off on your calendar. This will allow you to embark on more complex work with your head free.

Don’t let the jobs you put off pile up on your desk or home. Allow enough time to do them, which will take a lot of stress off you.

3rd tip: avoid toxic people

If you find that someone around you has a tendency to disturb your emotional balance, you should start by taking a step back. So don’t get overwhelmed by their problems or their judgments.

Most of the time your change of attitude will displease her and she will go in search of other prey. If, however, this was not the case, a second method usually overcomes it, and that is disinterest.

If the talk about her struggles leaves you unmoved or if her criticisms don’t elicit any reaction from you, she will tire after a while and eventually turn her back on you.

In the meantime, you will have succeeded in not letting yourself be reached.

4th tip: develop your emotional intelligence

Daniel Goleman, a doctor in psychology, gives the following definition: “[It is] the fact of being able, for example, to control our emotional impulses, to unravel the most intimate feelings of others, to harmonious relationships with others”

1st rule: do not let yourself be overcome by anger or sadness;

2nd rule: do not suppress negative emotions;

3rd rule: identify them in order to be able to verbalize them;

4th rule: communicate your feelings to the person who is causing your emotions. Get rid of your bad habits, be proactive, improve your skillset, learn how to influence people. There’s nothing that pays you more than investing time in yourself.

#6 – Focus On Building An Email List :

Neil Patel puts it well: “Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them. Not only does it have a high conversion rate, but as you build up your list you can continually monetize it by pitching multiple products. Just look at e-commerce sites like Amazon, one way they get you to continually buy more products from them is by emailing you offers on a regular basis.”

The 6 greatest advantages for email marketing are :

#6a A low cost with a significant Return on Investment:

Email marketing platforms, like Mailchimp, make it easy to design and send mailings.

For example, it’s easy to send emails to your visitors based on their behavior. This practice increases engagement and therefore ultimately your income.

this distribution channel has a very low cost, especially since sending emails is often free if you don’t have thousands of subscribers.

In addition, email marketing tools have many advanced features.

P.S:  86% of Marketing managers use a newsletter in their content marketing

#6b Simplicity and ease

Through emailing tools, you design email marketing campaigns very easily. You can do it right now in 3 easy steps :

  • Design your email template directly in the email editor integrated into your platform. The good news is, it doesn’t require any knowledge of HTML. Some platforms have tools for previewing your email in real-time.
  • Choose the group to send your message to,
  • Send your message

#6c Send personalized messages

Email marketing is a fantastic tool for adding your personal touch.

You personalize your email campaigns in many ways, and of course at no additional cost.

#6d Immediate delivery

If you want to reach within the next 5 minutes or a whole segment of your customer base with a personalized message, email marketing is the most reliable way to do it.

In addition, unlike publications on social networks, you have complete control over the distribution of your message.

#6e A rapid response rate

Research made people aware of the dangers of sending email marketing campaigns from a “” address especially if you are a starting business.

Marketing experts recommend always encouraging your customers to contact you. That can be a solution only if you have millions of subscribers.

On the other hand, for a base with few subscribers, email marketing is also a way to encourage your customers to get in touch with you.

So, encourage your customers to answer you and collect their comments, their questions. That way, you initiate an exchange and discussion which can lead to a sale.

#6f Measurable monitoring

You need to analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns through the use of the following indicators :

  • How many emails have arrived successfully?
  • How many people opened the email?
  • What link attracted more clicks?
  • How much income was generated?

Through the use of these indicators, you should be able to test, evaluate and optimize your future email marketing campaigns to increase the engagement of your customers and your turnover.

#7 – Don’t Make Empty Promises :

Make Money Blogging C

Don’t fly too high where you can get burned… unless you have something to back it up with.

Don’t waste your reader’s time by promising them that by reading your article, they will learn the secrets to make 1000$ a day, or get a million followers, unless the value of your article is really capable of what you are promising.

If your writing doesn’t lead to the promised result for most readers, you will only lose credibility, leading to a loss of your audience.

#8 – Readers Hate Arrogance :

Remember that blogging isn’t about you, it’s about what your readers will get from your content.

Don’t be arrogant and help your readers. Assist them in solving their problems in a fashionable way and they will become loyal to you.

You will soon see them sharing your content. They can subscribe to your newsletter and even buy your products or services if you had that much of an impact.

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#9 – Make Money Blogging On The Long Run :

Blogging requires one of the most essential skills that set successful people apart from the rest: “The long run!”. You should treat it as a marathon. You don’t need to have the fastest acceleration, but you need to put in place a system that will sustain your business and help you dominate your niche in the long term.

Adding to that, you should consider creating a process where you have defined each piece of your content, its role, and key performance indicators.

#10 – Audience Segmentation Is A Must :

Make Money Blogging D

As Jamie Turner said “The only way to win at content marketing is for the reader to say, “this was written specifically for me”.

In order to successfully do that, you need to split your audience into segments depending on the criteria of your business (always search the segmentation your competitors use before coming up with your own). After that, focus on creating personal and customized messages for each different segment.

Give this step all the time it requires to complete it efficiently because it’s a crucial task you only do once in a long while.

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