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40 Urgent Lessons to Make Money Blogging Now -Part 3/4-

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We shared a complete guide to Make Money Blogging that will give you the 40 most urgent lessons you need to learn before trying anything and become a veteran in your market.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t read the first part yet, please follow it here for a more complete reading of the article.

#21 – Make Money Blogging by Mastering Headline Writing :

A large number of marketers are shocked by the poor performance of their blogs or their promoted content, while their headlines contain fatal flaws, they are not aware of!

It is no secret today that the quality of your headline is the biggest attention-grabbing element in your content. It is what pushes people inside your site.

Its efficiency creates intrigue, shares value, and promises something that your content offers.

Did you know:

Studies showed that on average, 80 out of 100 people will completely read your headline, but 20 out of 100 will continue to read the description or the rest of the content.

This demonstrates how poorly headlines are used.

Before the internet had such an impactful role in our lives, writers used to dedicate hours creating the most inviting headlines for their businesses and companies. They knew how important they are.

Ask yourself this question, are your headlines getting the full attention they deserve?

Let’s go over the essential Dos and Don’ts of master headline writing:

#21a Don’ts:

  • Exaggeration in an annoying way :

It’s true that exaggeration works best in conversations and talks, but it can be frightfully annoying in headlines.

If you are going over the top with your headline, it has to deliver. If you exaggerate the feelings in your headline with words like “Shocking secrets…” or “What experts don’t tell you about…”. The following content cannot be something that thousands of websites already went through, or else it becomes extremely disappointing.

  • Clickbait in an irrelevant way :

We have all come across clickbait headlines many times, and even if this type of headline can generate clicks. It surely doesn’t bring you a loyal audience or communicate credibility.

I can’t believe this…

It’s impossible and it happened…

You can see how random these statements are. They are explaining nothing about what’s in the content and create confusion but also curiosity.

That is great in the case this is someone who is acquainted with you or your company. Or if it is a loyal user of your business, because these people are interested to know what you can’t believe or what happened, etc.

But, if it’s someone who is not familiar with your context and is not on the same wavelength with your content, that will generate only an extremely high bounce rate.

  • Over promising in a repelling way :

Imagine if your headline is: The complete guide to cooking like an expert in 7 days, but it’s only 600 words without depth, without explanation. It has nothing that would help you learn to cook; that means that this headline doesn’t deliver what it promised of being a complete guide. It becomes a complete guide to nothing.

If your headline promises “Free apps that [insert subject]” but turns out they are not free until you spend some price, your article will annoy people who could turn into loyal users.

If you are delivering something for amateurs, be certain that it is beginner-friendly.

#21b Dos:

  • Promise content of value :

We realized how important it is now for your headline to propose something of value to the reader. But how does true value look like?

That depends on the needs of your targeted audience.

We have covered previously how content writers need to do research on their target audience when it comes to the needs, demographics, and change points, etc.

When writing your headline, make clear what kind of value you are proposing in your content. If it is a number of tips to learn something. The headline has to reflect that so that the user will select themselves as a perfect audience.

  • Promise persona-driven content :

Naming your targeted audience in the headline is an amazing way to evade the smog and get to the right people easily.

Also, adding a Date & Time to the headline has a huge impact on the pertinence of your content. For example, the year shows that the presented information is up to date, which creates especially a sense of urgency, simplicity, and ease.

By crafting headlines with the target audience at the center, your content will make the difference to the right people.

Having a successful headline means that it is optimized to the point where your audience will autonomously choose themselves as the right people for reading your content. Those who aren’t will excuse themselves.

#21c Tips : gives a score, strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for your headline.

There is a ton of other websites that will deliver the same services either for a free trial version or for a paying fee. We recommend giving these applications a try and see how you can use them.

#22 – Write Data-Driven Content :

Your content is best experienced when it is data-driven. What this means is that your article has statistics and facts that serve as proof of the promises you made in your headline and descriptions.

The best way to make your content greatly data-driven is to include charts, studies, and evidence that prove the claims you’re making. This will improve your credibility, encouraging people to share your content.

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#23 – Make Money Blogging with Crediting Influencers :

Make Money Blogging 13B

It’s clear that asking random influencers to share your content, won’t lead them to do it. Then how can you make them more inclined to help you?

Actually, what you’re looking for is not for these influencers to be helping you out of the kindness of their heart. You will be highlighting them amongst other bloggers within your content. You will use them as good examples or provides of products & services your audience might be interested in.

This way, it is clear that these influencers will benefit from your article having extra visibility and will be more encouraged to share your content and drive their own audience to your site.

To succeed in this tip, you will make sure to include in your posts some quotes or examples from experts. This will give you a more convincing reason to message them and make them share your post.

#24 – Sites Need Guest Blogging :

Why did all the biggest businesses focus important time writing for other sites more than their own blog?

When no one knows you yet and you are new, It’s hard for people to trust you yet. This is the reason why you need to use other credible blogs to build authority and drive traffic to your own site.

You are not doing this for free even if it seems so, don’t worry! The long-term benefits of getting a portion of the big businesses traffic are more advantageous than doing a paid article.

Read what Neil Patel wrote on mastering guest blogging.

#25- Audience First, Seo Follows :

It became visible that many bloggers who are starting out, spend more time optimizing their content more for SEO than for their audience.

It’s great to make your article understandable and promoted by the search engine algorithms. But wouldn’t you agree that the readers need to be as comfortable or more while reading your content?

SEO is only a tool, a crucial one at that. But your audience should be the one at the heart of your content. Understand them the most you can, and it will be simpler for you to connect with them and provide what they are looking for.

We remind ourselves often: “Audience first, SEO follows”.

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#26 – Make Money Blogging with Paid Social Media :

Putting aside a budget to get paid traffic and clicks on your social media is an unforgettable way to promote your blog. You can easily find other methods to boost your blog with slower and organic options. Some of these can make your blog a famous or popular solution quickly. The more probable scenario is that it takes time for your brand to build hype and a community around your site.

Through paid social media, you get a great opportunity to pay for converting clicks and traffic quickly. If you strongly target your audience on the right platforms, you will build supporting visitors with ads to assist your organic endeavors.

Dedicating a budget for paid social media with every new post you are publishing will expand your results and will give a snowball effect to your traffic.

#27 – Give Away Great Value For Free :

When you don’t have a large community that is ready and engaged with your free content yet, let alone buy your greatest information. It is proven to be more compelling for your growth to packaging your courses or eBooks in a free format product.

Look at Katie Grazer for example; A successful blogger with over 500K monthly views on Pinterest alone. She offers her readers a free library of exclusive blogs and eBooks that require only an email entry for access. While she has a variety of successful paying content. She is also focusing on the fidelity of a portion of her new visitors through free longer format and more detailed content.

Don’t forget that your “Give away” serves as a face and example to the readers for your premium content. Don’t do half the work while preparing that. It should be of the same quality you would give to your paying content.

The readers should feel like they are stealing from you. They will remember and visit you often to benefit from your giveaway. That will definitely and surely convert some of them that will want to read more from you even with a price.

Also, free content is more susceptible to being shared around in the community than paid one.

You can build your email list by delivering :

  • Free guides for beginners
  • Free digital products (Books, designs, videos…)
  • Trial service etc.

Make the most out of this opportunity!

#28 – Invest In A Good Web Design :

Make Money Blogging fiX2

If Content is King, Design is Prince.

Expert studies proved it. Having a great design will definitely improve the shared and perceived value of your site and content.

Investing in this huge element of your business is always favorable. After all, it’s once in a long-term project. If you’re designing your website as an amateur even with a little experience, it’s not the easiest for you to nail every little detail that counts. You can try nevertheless.

If you have a budget, you can allocate to the web design, we recommend you contact a Digital Marketing Agency: Bright Discover here their wide variety of digital marketing services for your business. Their team’s expertise range from digital solutions for improving your website and online presence, to physical products destined for companies.

#29 – Strategically Place Ctas On Your Site :

Sidebars aren’t a conversion pivot as they were before. If you’d like to turn more visitors into email subscribers, you have to lend more creativity to the placement of your sign-up forms and calls to action.

These CTAs have to be in a strategic place on your site. Not only that, but you also have to make sure to include them in the most logical part of your content. Perhaps after explaining the true necessity of service, you can mention in a CTA how your site offers a solution to that.

#30 – Place Social Proof:

Make Money Blogging 13D

If you are able to show and prove that your business is worth the time and money, doubts will clear away from your visitor’s mind.

This can be achieved through a few or all of the elements below:

  • Rating & Reviews
  • Badges & Certifications
  • Number of subscribers
  • Number of social shares
  • Media logos
  • Influencer partnerships and endorsements
  • Testimonials

Remember, the audience notices when someone is overblowing or lying in their social proof. This makes even respectable sites lose an important part of their visitors who are cynical and looking for reasons not to trust the site. And there is a lot of them.

Be honest! No matter how small your social proof may seem to you, the audience will respect and engage with you for the importance you are according to your loyal users right now. They might be next.

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