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40 Urgent Lessons to Make Money Blogging Now -Part 4/4-

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Our complete guide to Make Money Blogging is sure to share with you the 40 most urgent lessons you need to learn to improve the success of your business.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t read the first part yet, please follow it here for a more complete reading of the article.

#31 – Make Money Blogging by Using Subheads:

#31a Leave The Jokes and Puns Out:

Subheads that use jokes or puns can be perceived as cringy or cheesy for readers. For example, if you are calling a part in your marriage blog post “It’s Raining Men!” can seem like a fun choice, but writers will sometimes rely on clichés or puns if they are not capable of describing the paragraph they created in a complete, understandable way.

Tell your readers:

  • What is the subject of your paragraph?
  • What is the essential idea your paragraph answers to?
  • The value you want the readers to come out with!

If you are able to answer these questions, you will be easily capable of creating a subhead that provides a preview of the paragraph. Let’s take the example from the first paragraph, a greater way to write the subhead would be “The Right Places To Meet Men”. This way, the reader now is sure of what to expect from the paragraph and will be more interested.

#31b Apply Parallel Structure

First, Parallel Structures are phrases or word patterns that have the same nature. They are structured in a way for your reader to understand what you are trying to say. Subheads with agreeing grammar structure are notable and catchy.

Now, let’s take an example!

Imagine that the heading of your article is:
Tips for changing your flat tire

Subhead 1:
Finding A Safe Place To Pullover

Subheading 2:
Using Your Hazard Lights And Parking Brakes

Subheading 3:
Getting Your Materials

Subheading 4:
Lifting Your Vehicle Off The Ground

Subheading 5:
Removing The Tire etc.

You get the idea! Now, you see that your subheads are agreeing grammatically in a way that they all use words ending with “-ing”. You can also use parallel structures in your subheads by inserting verbs or using questions in every subhead.

#31c Associate the Subhead to your Title:

If you are confused in writing a subhead, try connecting it to the main title of your article to stay in the right road. For example, if your article is about Passive Ways to Make Money, your subheads should list each a way to do this.

If we apply that to the example, we can write:

Subhead 1:
Dividend stocks.

Subhead 2:
Affiliate marketing.

Subhead 3:
How much do you need to start with?

Subhead 4:
Rental of your place.

You can notice that the main title is making the readers expect passive money-making tips. In the subheads above, the third one “How much do you need to start with?” doesn’t fit here. If you want to add details to your articles, you can use them in the introduction.

#32 – Stay Simple, Not Complex :

Remember this when writing blog posts:

Simplicity beats complexity.

No decent website ever got complaints from readers that their content is understandable easily.

When you are able to present your ideas and content in a clever and clear way so that readers don’t struggle to understand you, then you win my friend! Don’t write something that the reader won’t be capable to share with his entourage in a few essential bullet points from the first read.

If the subject of your article requires the presentation of complex details, make sure to include explanations of the difficult terminology near the concerned text.

#33 – Make Money Blogging By Keeping The Scanners In Mind :

If you followed our previous article, you will be surely familiar with the statistics of how large of visitors only scan over your content. Your titles, subheads, and paragraphs should be optimized to win over these people.

Promote in your articles the value of getting to the point quickly! Highlight the essential parts and optimize your content to be Scanners-friendly.

#34 – Structure Your Ideas With Mind-Mapping :

Make Money Blogging 14D

The easiest way to get ideas for a successful piece of content is using mind mapping.

Mind mapping allows you to structure your ideas and unburden your mind. This increases your potential for creativity and productivity to help you write in a succinct way.

How can you achieve this?

  • Remember when you are branching out your ideas, write a short phrase or a single word.

The mind map has to be intuitive and straightforward. It will contain keywords that will allow you to create links between each one of them.

  • Write one word in your principal topic or add a signifying image.

As you may know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Having an image will encourage your mind and imagination to complete the picture and get new ideas quicker. Select a suggestive image that will illustrate the keyword inside the topic.

  • Add more pictures to the rest of the map as well.

Since they play the role of a visual translation, having icons, images and videos is encouraged in your mind map.

  • Add colors to your text and images.

Avoid having a back & white mind map. If you are searching for creativity, you will inspire it by diversifying the colors in each level of the mind map or its’ categories.

  • Differentiate the size of each level of your mind map to make it more ready for reading.

It will be easier for you to comprehend the place of each idea inside your map in the macro topic.

  • Show the mind map you created with partners or collaborators to help you build it quicker.

Plural brains work better than one. Start on your mind map, add a primary image, invite your colleagues, partners, or friends to let their creativity harmonize with yours.

#35 – Outline Your Writing :

Outlining your posts will provide support to your article but will be flexible enough to adapt it to different blog types as well.

Overall, this outlining procedure will enable you to welcome the questions you have about anything, rather than evading the possibility that you may not know a topic.

This method will give you the tools you need to organize them with the ideas that come to your mind.

See now the critical tips to successfully do so:

#35a Find the Big Idea

What’s a Big Idea?

It is simply what your headline is based on. Your article can have only one primary idea per article. By outlining it, you take your primary idea, break it into a handful of essential points, and assist these essential points with more details.

#35b Understand what the end result must be

Start the creation of your blog post not with the content itself, but by comprehending what you want to achieve with the post. Ask yourself:

  • Who is the targeted reader? What do you want him to come out of your article with?
  • What is the data and research you need to deliver?
  • What CTA (call to action) are you going to include?

#35c Figure out what you don’t know

If you’re writing an article on a subject and you are aware that there is something you need to know but don’t yet, the reader will notice that. Create a list of all the questions that come to mind.

For instance, if we are writing an article about affiliate marketing, we will ask:

  • What is the first company that started Affiliate Marketing? When? What were their motivations?
  • How many ways of affiliate marketing are there?
  • What requirements do you need to start Affiliate Marketing?

#35d Figure out what you do know

Write titles, phrases, or small sentences about the things you already know. This means the facts you know and the ideas you would like to share that you have the proof to back them up.

You are not in the obligation the post here, you can keep it short. This is used to help you organize the ideas for your outline. You don’t have to write paragraphs here.

#35e Start writing a draft

If you are at this step, then you are ready to write the article. You know the direction you are taking and the goal you are headed to. You know exactly what you need to look for, and where to put it in your draft. You can see clearly how your own ideas are where they have to be. You will not forget to include something later when you publish the post.

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#36 – Include Questions Inside Your Content :

Make Money Blogging 14b

The human brain is programmed to automatically answer questions it receives. When you are reading a post and you read something like “How do companies keep their human resources loyal?”, your brain will instantly start looking around your knowledge to give an answer. The human mind fears the unknown!

Include questions inside your content to grab the readers’ attention, and help them either assure or overcome the unknown in the question they may be facing

#37 – Delete Distractions From Your Post :

Keep your post tight and as focused as possible! If there is a call to action that is not linked somehow to the subject your reader is here for, you don’t need to include it.

Trying to share everything you got in one single post will only make it overwhelming, scary, and repelling for anyone interested only in the main subject of your article.

#38 – Make Money Blogging by Writing What You’re Passionate About :

Writing is very demanding, that’s the difficult truth.

Creating content about subjects you are not interested in, or you don’t have an ounce of passion for will be extremely discouraging and horrifying.

Why would someone take this road knowing it will make for a negative experience along the way? Even if it’s a profitable niche, the lack of passion, excitement, and fascination will be noticeable at first glance.

Remember to write about the topics you love and like sharing with your entourage. This will give you an advantageous experience to make a difference with the competition.

#39 – Make A Swipe File :

Make Money Blogging 14C

A Swipe File is a group of material you can use as a blueprint and inspiration for your own content. Every experienced blogger has a swipe file where he collects headlines, links, structures, similar works, etc. that he revisits sometimes to see what suitable material he can use for his next work.

A website like allows you to access a large library of swipe files other bloggers and content writers have made before. The amazing aspect about it is that every file is accompanied by descriptions about why the selected file was successful or how it works behind the scenes. Make sure to visit the site!

#40 – Make Money Blogging by Using “Pre-Promotion” :

The idea behind Pre-Promotion is that you are going to talk about and promote your content before sharing it. You can start days or weeks before the publishing day.

You can even email the people or businesses that share your posts and let them know about the next article you are going to share. This will give them time to prepare for it and make a note on their mind to read it.

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#BONUS TIP – Grow Your Email List By Optimizing Your Homepage :

The homepage is the most visited place for most websites, it is the ground that presents every essential part of your site. Every digital marketer will agree that by not optimizing your homepage for both new and current visitors, you will be missing out on a large number of potential subscribers you can convert afterward.

You will find a large number of resources that explain in detail how to do so. If you would rather let experienced professionals take care of that heavy work for you, contact a digital marketing agency you can trust with your site.

We work regularly at Bright Promotions with businesses that wish to make their landing or home page a conversion machine. Discover the results you will win by contacting us here

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