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From Humble Beginnings to Dream Achievements

Imagine being an inspiring young entrepreneur, participating and winning local entrepreneurship competitions. You are leading small projects with your team, having the hopeful vision and the right action plan you will follow to turn an opportunity you’re seeing in your environment. This sounds amazing like the beginning of a success story, but you’re facing a major issue you need to solve first. How can you make a difference in a constantly changing landscape? A world where all the decent companies have mastered the first key to success in today’s world: Digital Marketing.

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That is our story! Founded by two friends and business associates, they mastered through years of experience how to make of their problem-solving skills the heart of their mission. Bright Promotion became the digital partner of a multitude of lucrative businesses.

Filling the Gap in the Market with an Actionable Vision

Bright Promotion’s founders saw firsthand how discouraging it is to start a business when you rely on only one or few of the essential elements of digital marketing, from Brand Acceleration & Foundation, Website Design & Content, to Social Media Mastery & Growth. You lose some clients to other fresh entrepreneurs who present the same products or services as you, with the same price, and the same added value. Yet, as clients, the reason why we choose one rather than the other is that we most likely trust a company that presents itself as a matured business. A company that has a credible digital marketing strategy and that is homogeneous through all the different online platforms.

Saving businesses from countless trials & errors with one fruitful partnership:

It was only after surpassing this problem and mastering every single aspect of Digital Marketing that the two partners started seeing satisfying success. That’s how the idea sparked ! If they can offer their digital marketing expert services to companies and entrepreneurs hoping to promote their online success, they will be fulfilling a critical need of their clients leading them to faster and more solid profits. We see it like having a bright bridge over a violent river of brutal obstacles businesses face before being able to acquire an outstanding set of digital promotion skills. No matter how bleak your financial situation and digital skills seem right now, you can turn things around. You can rise from the ashes and come out on top.

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